Rosala & Bengtskär travels

Rosala Viking Centre Ltd has its own little travel booking service, that you can use to really get everything out of your visit to Rosala. There are lots of other things to see and experience as well!

As the name implies, Rosala & Bengtskär Booking Office is the work of the entrepreneurs at the Bengtskär lighthouse and Rosala Viking Centre. Our family businesses have been responsible for maintaining and presenting these extraordinary destinations for more than two decades now, so you can be sure the planning and execution of your trip is in good and experienced hands. The booking office is still also responsible for all bookings to the Viking Centre and Bengtskär.

Since it is part of our working concept to ensure all our visitors get first-class service, the booking office has expanded and evolved over the years, to include all the wonderful opportunities for a good time that the Hitis archipelago offers. There is a wide range of options for activities, accommodation, restaurants and cafés. Through us you have access to everything you need to know about the area’s sights and services. We are very flexible and known to tailor-make the travel package that is just right for you and your family, group or business partners.

When traveling to one of the beautiful islands in the area we use local charter boats, the smallest for 11 and the largest for 75 passengers. By combining several boats we can effortlessly transport even larger groups, to whichever destination you choose.

We also present a number of ready-made packages, the most popular being the Archipelago Sights Route Cruise, a day trip to the Viking Centre and Bengtskär lighthouse. It starts every day from Kasnäs from June to August.

If you would like a ready-made package from your front door, we can also arrange for a charter bus to take your group from anywhere in Finland to Kasnäs or Hitis / Rosala with a car ferry.

Here are some examples of sights, services and products:
– Rosala Viking Centre
– Bengtskär lighthouse
– Örö fortress
– The entire range of services in Kasnäs: Hotel, spa, restaurant and activities
– Restaurants and cafés in the summertime: Backom Café (Hitis), Farmors Café (Högsåra)
– Guided tours to sights such as the beautiful St Andreas church in Hitis
– Activities: RIB-boat safaris, diving, kayak paddling, fishing, Viking Age sports such as axe-throwing or an entire Viking Pentathlon

Please visit the booking office online store Johku for more information, and don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here to serve you!