Car ferry M/S Aurora

The car ferry operating between Kasnäs and Rosala takes 52 cars and runs year-round according to the timetable below. The ferry is free of charge, and it is not possible to book places in advance. The Viking Centre is about 5 km from Rosala island’s ferry harbour Långnäs.

The address for Kasnäs ferry pier: Kasnäsvägen 1293, 25930 Kasnäs (Kimitoön).

Aerial photo from the Kasnäs harbour


  1. The road from the mainland leads directly to Kasnäs harbour (see on map)
  2. The Archipelago Sights Route cruise, which includes a visit to the Rosala Viking Centre as well as to the Bengtskär Lighthouse, starts from the rightmost ferry pier. More information here.
  3. The pier for the car ferry M/S Aurora is all the way to the left at the end of the road, with a sign saying Rosala and Hitis
  4. Kasnäs Paviljong, a restaurant which operates in connection to the Kasnäs Spa
  5. The Kasnäs guest harbour

You can also view a live image of the Kasnäs ferry pier through this webcam.

The ferry trip takes about 30 minutes and after that it is 5 kilometers from the ferry to the Viking Centre, so please note that you should take your vehicle over on the ferry. We can warmly recommend the beautiful route for cycling; bicycles can be rented, for example, from Carfield. There are also two taxis on the islands – Per-Erik Fihlman +358 400 697 916 and Solveig Sjöberg +358 40 722 4242 – and during certain days in the summer you can travel with the Archipelago HopOn bus.

On Rosala island, about 1,5 kilometer after the ferry, turn right at the T-junction. Then just follow the road to Rosala village, where the Viking Centre is easy to find on the left hand side of the road. The car park is at beginning of Reimarsvägen road, ca 30 meters from the Viking Centre’s red entry building. Bike racks are right outside the entry building.