Group guidings

Included in the entrance fee is a short introductory guiding, a video presentation and a guide map, which serves as your guide to the Viking village.

If you travel with a group of at least 10 persons and you want to get the most out of what the Viking Centre has to offer, you can book a guide as well.

Our programmes

If you’d like to reserve a programme, please do so in advance. If you want to book the programme when you arrive, we can’t guarantee that a guide will be available. You can contact us by calling +358-40-218 2960 or by emailing

For all programmes, the optimal group size is 10-30 persons–larger groups work as well but will be split into smaller groups.

1. Guided tour of the Viking village and axe throwing

The programme lasts for about 1 h, including the introductory guiding

Price: 8,00/adult and 4,00/children ages 4-14

2. Viking pentathlon

In all, we have 7 Viking Age competitions to choose from, and you can choose from 1-7 of them. Count on around 15-20 minutes for each competition; a pentathlon lasts for around 1,5 h.

Price: 3,00-4,00/competition. A pentathlon is 20,00/adult (group size 10-19) or 15,00/adult (group size 20 or more)


  • Axe throwing
  • Archery
  • Tug of war
  • Knife throwing
  • Spear throwing
  • Stilt walking
  • Quiz

3. The seafaring Vikings

In this programme, you get to familiarise yourself with our two Viking ships, both in the Viking village area, with a guide. The guide will tell you about the ships and about Viking Age seafaring, and let you attempt related quizzes.

The programme lasts for around 1 h.

Price: 15,00/adult (group size 10-19) or 10,00/adult (group size 20 or more)

4. Archaeological field survey

Presentation of an archaeological test site. Participants get to try a metal detector. The guide will tell you about the Kyrksundet archaeological site that in large part forms the history behind the Viking Centre, and about archaeology in general.

The programme lasts for around 1 h.

Price: 15,00/adult (group size 10-19) or 10,00/adult (group size 20 or more)

Tours for bus groups

If you want to include other sights on your trip as well, eventful tours for groups wishing to experience the nature, culture and history of the outer archipelago are available. In addition to your visit to the Viking Centre, the programme can include a visit to the Strandhotellet hotel in Dalsbruk, to the Kasnäs Spa and to the Nature Centre Blue Mussel, presenting the flora and fauna of the Archipelago National Park, the Bengtskär lighthouse, the Örö fortress island, the Hitis village or any of the other outstanding activities and sights in the Hitis archipelago.

Examples of preplanned timetables are available on the booking office website. All packages can be customised according to your wishes, so get in touch and we’ll help you with the planning!