School camps

The “A day as a Viking” programme lets you travel a thousand years back in time. The trip to the year 1024 is filled with surprises – an exciting adventure for students of all ages.

The adventure includes dressing up as a Viking, baking bread over an open fire, learning about the weapons of the Vikings and trying them yourself, as well as a camp initiation ceremony in the Helga chapel.

The trip lasts for around 3 hours and the price is from 18 € / schoolchild including entrance fee. Lunch soup costs from 8,50 €, a Viking style meal on a board from 9,50 €.

rosala lägerskola 3

Alternative programmes:

  • Only entrance fee, introductory guiding and guide map, 4,00 € / person.
  • Viking pentathlon, around 1,5 h, from 8,00 € / schoolchild. The competitions are axe throwing, archery, stilt walking, tug of war and a quiz.
  • Viking triathlon, around 1 h, from 7,00 € / schoolchild. The competitions are axe throwing, tug of war and a quiz.
  • The seafaring Vikings, around 1 h, from 7,00 € / schoolchild. Together with a guide, you get to familiarize yourself with Viking ships and participate in sea-themed games.
  • Archaeological field survey, around 1 h, from 8,00 € / schoolchild. Presentation of an archaeological test site. Participants get to try a metal detector. The guide will tell you about the Kyrksundet archaeological site that forms in large part the history behind the Viking Centre, and about archaeology in general.
  • Making of Viking jewelry, around 1,5 h, from 15,00 € / person. The participants will have their own piece of jewelry as a memory of camp school.

Accommodation is possible as well. The Chieftain’s Hall Rodeborg has alcoves on two levels along the walls of the hall, and there are also three smaller rooms. The alcoves are separated by fabrics.

The archipelago’s Thousand Year Adventure Camp can be arranged for school groups wanting to stay 2-5 days in the Kimito archipelago. There is a lot to see, and we offer an assortment of different programs. View suggested programs and request an offer on the booking office website!