The Viking past of the archipelago is brought to life in the Rosala Viking Centre in a museum displaying, among other things, finds from the archaeological investigations at Örsund (currently Kyrksundet).

The Viking Age (800-1050 A.D.) is illuminated in varied and interesting ways. The experience is like opening a window and getting a look at a living past! You get to walk around in a complete Viking village with reconstructed buildings from the Viking Age–including the chieftain hall, a smithy and a herb garden–imagining what peoples lives where like in Finland during the Iron Age.

In addition to the Viking village and our two Viking ships Alvilda and Hogland, there are three separate exhibitions, about which you can learn more on the Exhibitions page.

Our guide map gives you a birds-eye view of what’s available.

Showcase in the crafts and instruments exhibition

rosala chieftain hall 6

Interior of the chieftain hall Rodeborg

rosala farmansgården 5

Interior of the dwelling house Farmansgården

rosala jungfrudans 2

Experience life during the Viking Age dressed in Viking clothes, here in the field labyrinth

rosala viking centre 15

The chieftain hall Rodeborg

rosala viking village 5

The Viking ship Hogland. In the background, the impressive scale of the chieftain hall becomes apparent

rosala winter farmansgård 2

The Viking village is beautiful during winter as well, here the exterior of Farmansgården is shown