The Viking past of the archipelago is brought to life in the Rosala Viking Centre in a museum displaying, among other things, finds from the archaeological investigations at Örsund (currently Kyrksundet).

The Viking Age (800-1050 A.D.) is illuminated through three separate exhibitions:

The Viking Age history of the archipelago and the North

Located in the entry building which also houses the reception, the café and the museum shop.

rosala viking centre 5

  • Presentation of the archaeological excavations in Kyrksundet
  • Miniature model of a Viking harbour and market in the archipelago
  • Market scene with dolls, Viking Age import and export goods
  • A Viking Age timeline
  • Illustration of the post-glacial rebound in the archipelago
  • A diorama of the life of a Viking and his relationship with his gods

rosala exhibit örsund

In the auditorium, videos describing the historical background and the mythology of the Vikings are shown.

Weapon museum

rosala exhibit weapons 6

  • Exhibition of Viking Age weapons and warfare equipment

Crafts and instruments

  • All kinds of Viking Age musical instruments
  • Reconstruction of a Viking Age loom as well as different materials used in crafts
  • Replica of the rune stone fragment found on Stora Ängesön north of Hitis

rosala exhibit hantverk_instrument3